Posted by: Brendan | August 18, 2007


Well as you can see i was talking about starting dymaxion in “2 days” that turned out to be a little lie. :-p
Ive been busy with a lot of things but i am seriously researching the Dymaxion schedule. It seems that at the same time many people over at the Polyphasic sleep google group are asking about Dymaxion too.
Well hopefully im telling the truth this time but i would like to start my adaptation in the next week or 2. Of course i would let everyone know about it before i started, and i would let people know my schedule and plan for everything and so forth. So for now i suggest you just bicker at me to start my attempt already so i actually fess up and do it sooner than later :-p
goodbye all!
– Brendan

Posted by: Brendan | July 10, 2007

It’s Time.

Alright everyone Starting in 2 days i will begin my attempt to adapt to the Dymaxion Sleep schedule. i have yet to even find out my napping schedule but i will be doing that soon. Oh shit i just remembered i might be taking some LSD tomorrow ummmmm. Ok well new plan kinda. If i don’t get the LSD then i will start in 2 days. If i do get the LSD tomorrow then i will start my adaptation at the beginning of next week.

Posted by: Brendan | July 1, 2007

Ok Heres The Plan.

Alright everyone well right now i am dealing with a small bout of depression. So any sleep schedule changes are on hold. But i already have a plan on what i am going to do when i am over this depression in a little bit. Since right before my depression kicked in i had adapted to Uberman for about 2-3 days. And even though that isnt to long. It felt amazing, Ive never felt healthier and just plain happier in my life (without the help of substances :-p) Anyway i am now determined to do it again. But after some thoughts on what held me back the first time i believe this time i am going to attempt an adaptation to the Dymaxion sleep schedule. The Dymaxion schedule is simaler to Uberman in that i only sleep 2 hours in a 24 hours period. But instead of six 20 minute naps every 3 hours and 40 minutes i will be taking four 30 minute naps every 5 hours and 30 minutes. I believe this will give me far more time to go about my daily business and wont be such a hassle on my social life. Im not sure what schedule i will have my naps yet. I also have a feeling it will be rather painful to adapt to. But well just have to wait and see.

– Brendan

Posted by: Brendan | June 25, 2007

Well Crap.

Well just to update everyone. My uberman sleep was doing great untill something came up that required me to stay up for over 24 hours. Also after that day of being awake i could not sleep right for an entire other day. so i crashed for 18 hours after that and ive switched back to a monophasic schedule. for now i will remain monophasic untill i get some things behind me. once i get that overwith i will switch back to uberman

Posted by: Brendan | June 21, 2007

Uberman Sleep Day 13: I Believe I Am Adapted.

Hello everyone. I’m sorry all my posts seem to be late. Anyway by now i think i consider myself adapted to Uberman sleep. I’m positive i can still adapt more. But right now I’m falling asleep for all of my naps and waking up not feeling to bad. I’m sure i can tweak my nap times to make it even better, but I’m going to stick with what i have for at least a week. I lay down for my naps with my alarms set for 25 min. and using placebos sleep MP3 that is 23 min. long. In the future i will probably shorten my naps to 20 min. or even shorter depending on how i feel. As for this blog i will keep it here and post in it still. But i am sure i will not be posting every single day.

To sum up this experiment. I LOVE IT!! It feels so good to have so much free time to do what i want. And there is almost no social interference, in fact it is somewhat better because i can see all of my friends in a single day and work with everyones different time schedules.
This adaptation time took less then i thought it would. If you can recall i was plagued by oversleeps for almost an entire week. Then out of nowhere my body seemed to have snapped out of it and i completely stopped oversleeping. And i started falling asleep for all of my naps and gaining more energy from them.

I’ve been enjoying the free time working on some DJ mixes. Later on i would like to get back into designing websites, which i have not done any work with for over a year. I would also like to attempt to teach myself some basic programming. I’m sure this blog will be used as more of a normal blog now and not a Polyphasic sleep blog. Although that will still be the main focus. Also my two friends who attempted this earlier and dropped out, may try again and will most likely use this blog to log there progress.

Anyway good luck to anyone still out there trying to adapt to a polyphasic lifestyle!

– Brendan

Posted by: Brendan | June 20, 2007

Uberman Sleep Day 12:Setback Resolved.

Well hello everyone.
That setback i was talking about in my last post is over with now. But at the expense of my mental energy at the moment. It drained me of just about all mental energy and i had to skip my 4am nap. right now physically i feel perfectly fine. My back is kinda sore but this is nothing new as that comes with my line of work. mentally i feel like shit. I am so mentally tired I’ve had a constant headache all day long and i feel like I’ve been reduced in intelligence by a lot :-p
Anyway day 12 went good. I’m not oversleeping any more. I still feel that i should be able to get more out of my naps so most likely tomorrow or the next day i am going to experiment with my nap times by adding 2 minutes and seeing how i am and if its not good then i will take away 2 minutes. (I’m currently taking 23 minute naps) Hopefully that will help me out some. I don’t really know what else to say right now. If something comes up i will update everyone.

– Brendan

Posted by: Brendan | June 19, 2007


Theres been a serious personal setback for me. It will require me to stay up all night tonight. Hopefully this wont set me back to far.

– Brendan

Posted by: Brendan | June 18, 2007

Uberman Sleep Day 10 & 11:Success!

Well as for my very much delayed update on whether or not i overslept my 4am nap. I didn’t!
Somehow out of nowhere i am not oversleeping at all anymore!
This is a great moral boost for me because my oversleeping was getting me down a lot.
My naps still are not helping me out as much as i would like them too. But i can tell that i am still adapting because i randomly get zombified. Anyway day 10 went pretty well. I almost overslept my 4am nap but i forced myself to get up and sat there half away for 45 min. but once i ate something and woke up i was pretty normal. Just slightly tired. Day 11 today has been going good. I had to work today and had to nap on a bare floor with no carpet. Surprisingly i woke up feeling pretty good. I’ve recently been invited to make a Trance mix for a radio station so im going to go work on that.
Oh by the way. I still don’t consider myself adapted. I just think I’m on the road there and will be there shortly i hope.

– Brendan

Posted by: Brendan | June 16, 2007

Uberman Sleep Day 9: Damage Control

Ok everyone I need to stop this 4am oversleeping.
All of my naps are working fantastic except for my 4am nap. I’m really enjoying the extra time so much and i feel so much more healthier and less groggy. But every single day i oversleep my 4am nap by 20-50 minutes. Even with 2 alarms and a friend to wake me up i still oversleep. I turn off my alarms and convince my friend that it is ok for me to go back to sleep. From now on i will not sleep in my bed i will sleep on my couch at night. i will have 3 alarms and i have taped 2 of them so that i can not turn them off. I may be able to hit the snooze but it will go off every 10 minutes for an hour.

Within the next 2 weeks if i am not seeing any progress at all i am going to ditch Uberman for the time being and try to adapt to a Dymaxion schedule. Which is sleeping 30 minutes every 6 hours. Within 3 weeks of adapting to that if i see no progress then i will attempt The Everyman Schedule with a core sleep of 90 minutes and a few 20 minute naps during the day. And then if That doesn’t work. I will go back to attempting Uberman. Pretty much I’m saying that i will not give up on any of these because after experiencing how i feel without being Monophasic. I will find some sort of schedule that will work for me. Because I’m sick and tired of sleeping for 8 hours and waking up with no energy and feeling like crap for hours upon hours.

Later tonight i will update everyone on whether or not i oversleep my 4am nap or not.
Wish me luck.

– Brendan

Posted by: Brendan | June 15, 2007

Uberman Sleep Day 8

Things are not going to bad i guess. I overslept my 4am nap by an extra 20 minutes. Its very frustrating because all but 1 of my oversleep problems seem to happen from my 4am nap. I must figure out a way to counter this. I’m not sure if either sleeping an extra 5-10 minutes on my 12am nap will help, or if adding an extra nap inbetween my 12am and my 4am naps will help more. But at this rate something needs to be done about it. I keep on pulling one of those “fully functional conscious sleep states where i turn off my alarm clocks and somehow find my way back into bed without ever actually waking up” things. hah

Everything else seems to be going great. My 8am nap though is somewhat affected by my constant 4am nap oversleep. If anyone has a better suggestion on how to counter this 4am oversleep then please fill me in on what it is. I’m on day 8 and it still takes me a while to fall asleep for my naps, but i am actually falling asleep now. I cant think of much else to say now. I’m surprised I’m not in a zombie state like i assumed i would be. I am still having problems being hungry all the time and nothing seems to help. And on that note i am going to leave now to go make some food.

– Brendan

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